Abul Al Arabi ; Binoy Barman Shubha ; Anjela Diana Corraya
2016 5th International Conference on Informatics, Electronics and Vision (ICIEV)
Publication year: 2016


Now-a-days, the release of hazardous gases is one of the major threat not only for the environment but also for climate and lives. Both global and local extensive ecological damage is responsible for this case. There are a number of sources for gas emission, like; exhaust gases from industry as well as traffic, fires flue gases, waste disposals, various incidents at the chemicals geo-dynamically active regions, Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) areas, gases over industrial sites, landfill sites, and contaminated areas. In these cases, a quickly localization of gas leaks as well as monitoring the potential areas of gas emission are necessary. In our research work, we proposed an approach to integrate various 2D multi-gas distribution mapping with various cascade-able modules placed in a bus logic design over a wired and wireless based sensor network. Though all the modules are cascade-able and placed in a line with common bus designed into the system, so it is possible to add or remove any number of modules at any time. For every single gas we predefined a particular gas intensity threshold as PPM (Parts Per Millions) into the main controller for every module. With the compare of present sensor values and the predefined values, our system can able to track the significant change over gas adsorption and also the scale level of its derogative. With the presumption of a hazardous situation over gas distribution, we also proposed an adapting process of generating alarms. These alarm generating processes works over two basis; one is live alarm that for the local area and another is distance alarm that generated in a particular connection device for the system administrator. In our work, we focus on the measurement of 2D multi-gas consent ration by using versatile gas sensors, then locate the level of gas emission with alarm generating process at the case of hazardous situations. With the overall approaches, we can say that this system can be helpful for industrial control and also for environmental monitoring and safety and security related fields.