Binoy Barman Shubha, Sajjad Waheed, Kazi Sadlil Rhythom
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Publication year: 2015


False Alarm is one kind of faulty measuring process which can create unusual intervention over healthcare personnel. In our paper, we proposed an Adapting and Intelligent approach to help detecting false alarm in WBSN (Wireless Body Sensor Network). The practical implementation of our work is able to explore the challenges over our false alarm detection architecture. Our system is able to detect the false alarm thats occurred in the patient monitoring sensor data transmission and also have capability to minimize this faulty measure. Moreover, our approach over false alarm detection afforded by WBSN can improve the primitive patient monitoring system as well as the quality of wireless based healthcare service. We proposed two approaches for detection false alarm in the wireless body sensor network. One is MD (Mahalanobis Distance) and another is Dynamic Threshold Calculation method.